Why Nature Bay Started


Long before I knew about the sustainability movement and years before I began to dream up Nature Bay, a tragedy changed my life’s trajectory, and the result remains at the heart of this project. My father was diagnosed with Lung cancer when I was Freshman in high school. He was a strong and vibrant fellow, so the news came as a surprise. He fought courageously against it for five years until finally, early on Christmas morning of 2009 he died.

Growing up I always thought our family ate healthily. There were always fruits and veggies on the table and fast food was usually only a last resort when traveling long distances. It wasn’t until I was a Junior in College, while taking Medicinal Botany that I began to fully grasp that I and almost no Americans were really eating a healthy diet. I became more familiar with ingredients on food labels, and began avoiding the ones that are questionable or even known to be dangerous. I felt betrayed that so many companies I trusted put customers at risk, nd the government allowed it. At the same time I was learning about plants species known to have restorative nutritional properties. Most people thought I was crazy for my views on food, including some of my professors, who preached conventional medicine, but I was determined.

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